Digital Agenda for Spain

The Digital Agenda for Spain [PDF] [683 KB] , approved on February 15th 2013, is the Government’s strategy to develop the digital economy and society during 2013-2015. This strategy is thought as the umbrella of all the Government’s actions in terms of Information Society and Digital Agenda. The Agenda, leaded by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda and Ministry of Finance and Public Function, sets the ICT and e-Administration roadmap to achieve the goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe in 2015 and 2020.

The objectives, lines of action and plans established in this Digital Agenda are intended to encourage the creation of employment opportunities and economic growth through the smart adoption of digital technologies , thus contributing to the collective effort of promoting the economic recovery of the country. The Agenda adopts 32 key indicators which comprise both the Digital Agenda goals for Europe and additional specific goals for Spain.

The Digital Agenda for Spain has been designed following the priorities of the Digital Agenda for Europe through an open, transparent and participatory process involving experts, companies, associations, citizens, parliamentary groups, ministerial departments and other territorial administration bodies.

The Digital Agenda for Spain contains lines of action structured around the following objetives:

  1. Foster the roll-out of networks and services to guarantee digital connectivity
  2. Develop the digital economy for the growth, competitiveness and internationalisation of Spanish companies
  3. Improve e-Administration and adopt digital solutions for an efficient rendering of public services
  4. Reinforce confidence in the digital ecosystem
  5. Boost R&D&i system in Information and Communications Technologies
  6. Promote digital inclusion and literacy and the training of new ICT professionals

The nine specific plans [PDF] [1302 KB] are defined for its implementation and execution:

  1. Telecommunications and Ultra-fast Networks Plan
  2. ICT in SMEs and e-Commerce Plan
  3. Digital Content Industry Comprehensive Plan
  4. General State Administration’s e-Government Action Plan
  5. Digital Ecosystem Confidence Plan
  6. ICT Sector Development and Innovation Plan
  7. Digital Inclusion Plan
  8. Smart Cities National Plan [PDF] [5.99 MB]
  9. Advancement of Language Technology Plan